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Work hard without literally
breaking your back

By now, most of us know that sitting all day is killing us… slowly... like a zombie virus in a dystopic TV show.

Fortunately, many workplaces across the U.S. are incorporating ergonomic-friendly workstations and practices. It is now a company's job to care about employees' health and to provide regular support on staying safe at work.

But what happens when we entrepreneurs go into business for ourselves, armed only with our determination, a Macbook Pro, and the latest Seth Godin book?

As we "coffee-shop-hop," set up home offices, or rent a workspace - working those long hours to change the world - we don't always consider the needs of our bodies.

Sure, we all KNOW we shouldn't be sitting for so many hours.

Just like we KNOW we should go running every day and we KNOW we should stop eating so many cheese fries...

But look how THAT worked out.

We accidentally ignore ergonomics because there are no good resources out there to offer tools, give us the full scoop on workplace health, and consider our needs as members of the "non-office" workforce.

When you are your own boss, there is no longer a sweet HR lady who comes by to measure your workspace and make sure your elbows and knees are always at 90-degree angles. And there is definitely no company budget for that fabulously expensive standing desk.

Just like you are in charge of your own professional development and career mapping, you are now also in charge of your own workspace setup and habits, which directly affect your health and ability to work.

Poor ergonomic setup and work habits can seriously damage your body, which needs to be healthy and optimally-functioning in order to achieve those incredible goals you have set for yourself.

So you can sit around and wait for the aches, pains, and ongoing illnesses to come find you (like a… well, sitting duck). Or you can take the same vigor that you put into your business and invest it into your health.

This blog will give you the tools and information you need to stay healthy so you can lead your own destiny. Plus, there will be friendly reminders to get up and stretch. Lots of those. Like, every hour. Because that's how often you are supposed to stretch.


You became an entrepreneur because you love your work. Learn to work responsibly so that you can do it for years to come.